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Building an app seems like the hardest thing to do – from hiring an entire team, to designing it, to publishing it, to marketing it. Tequity bridges that gap for you, removing the high costs and high efforts traditionally tied to building an app..

Tequity Apps - Build Your Own App

Try Tequity free for 14 days, no credit card required. By entering your email, you agree to receive marketing emails.

No coding or design skills needed.

Have complete control over all aspects of your app – layout, text, colors, images.

No coding or design skills needed.

Have complete control over all aspects of your app – layout, text, colours, images.

Pricing as low as $79/month

Build, publish, host and manage your app on our no-fuss interface, wherever you are.

100% Publishing Success Rate

We set up your accounts with Google and Apple, and handle app publishing for free.

We're The Best Choice

We’ve built 100+ apps for business owners and startup founders.

"The professionals at Tequity are just that, they coordinate with one another to give you the experience and product you actually want. Tequity outlines the entire process for you and periodically request your approval. I am confident in the ability and professionalism of the Tequity team."

Jim Walker

Wagmans App

"The platform is very simple to use and has a lot of useful features. They have a very friendly support team and they always give a quick feed back. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone I know."

Twanita Dozier

The Boss Experience App

"Sydney at Tequity has helped us put together a much better app than we could have built, in a very reasonable amount of time. They may not have a phone number to contact with questions, but their responses to my inquiries are always prompt. I feel that they are reasonably priced as well."

Chris Evans

Source Code App

We’re Super Simple

1 Select a Template

We have a template for businesses, entrepreneurs and stratups to jump start their app development. Select a theme and start customizing.

2 Add Functionality

Select from our marketplace of over 50 plugins to give your app users a dynamic quality experience like group chats, note taking and more.

3 Add Home Screen

The home screen is the first app page a user will see when they open or log into your app. The home screen can be customized or any plugin you want users to access first.

4 Add Branding

Customize your app appearance with custom colors for buttons and text. Add your app icon, app loading screens and app name for publishing to the App Store.

5 Publish Your App

Once you have your app completed and branded, upgrade your app to publish to the app market. Select a subscription as low as $79/month.

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Founder Feature – Lindsey

Founder Feature – Lindsey

“Part of the reason why I chose Tequity is because I didn’t have $25,000 to invest in someone building a custom app for me. I’m very much a do it on...

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