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Getting Started: Education App

Getting Started: Education App

What are some features that you can use in your Educational app to help enhance the classroom experience? We’ll answer that in this article.

Getting Started With My Education App

We feel that an educator’s reach should extend beyond the classroom, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by creating an app that coincides with your classes. Phones nowadays are more than just a way to contact your friends and family.  They may get a bad rap in the classroom, but outside of the classroom they can be a powerful tool to keep your students engaged. Whether you’re a K-12 educator, a college professor, or a tutor, you’ll find that an app can be symbiotic with your classes. In this article we’ll go over some great features that can help you improve interaction and communication outside of the classroom with an Educational app.

What Are Some Great Features To Use Inside Your Education App?

When you’re first navigating through our system, it can be a bit daunting thanks to the vast possibilities of what can be done with your app. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some features that you can start off with which we feel will help get you on the right path to creating an amazing app for you and your classes!

What Are Some Features That Will Allow Me To Give My Students Quick Access To Class-Related Information?

Ever pass out a syllabus only to have all your students lose it? Or announce an important test date only to see nobody write it down? This issue can be resolved by simply adding all of that information into your app so that they can access it at any time. Our Text WYSIWYG feature allows you to insert important information, links, and images pertaining to your classes directly into the app.

Do you want to incorporate study cards, or flashcards into your app? You can add these with our Image Gallery and Flashcards features which allow you to add some visual learning options for your students who learn better in that format. You can also integrate video lessons with our YouTube and Vimeo features if you have videos on those platforms.

If you have other web-based content, you can use our WebView and PDF Viewer features to bring that content into your app. These give you the ability to make your app chocked full of all the important information your students need.

Along with these features you can include copies of full lesson presentations with our Seminar and Lecture Notes feature which allows your users to bookmark and add their own personal notes to the lessons in-app.

All of these features are great ways to bring class-related content into your app!

What Are Some Features That Help My Students Keep Track Of Upcoming Events?

School spirit is important too! To encourage students to go to school events you can have your school’s calendar available at their fingertips with the Events Feed and the Events Manual feature.

You may ask what’s the difference between those two features? We’re glad you asked! The Events Manual Feature allows you to manually input events into the in-app calendar via the App Dashboard, while the Event Feed Feature allows you to add events to the in-app calendar by syncing it with an iCal link.

You can pair these features with our Places 2.0 feature which allows you to include a list of places that can help encourage learning outside of the classroom. Are there some great museums or historical sites related to your classes’ subjects? Give your students an easy way to find where those are located. If those places have special events coming up, you can let your students know about them with the Events features.

What Are Some Features That Can Help Me Interact With My Students And Keep Them Engaged?

Our Social Wall feature allows students and teachers to be easier to reach than by email, while being less intrusive than giving out their personal phone number. Anyone who interacts with a social wall will receive a notification whenever someone else posts or comments. This allows multiple users to ask questions in an environment where they can see all of the other questions asked and answered.

This is perfect for if someone else has the same question. It’s also be a safe and secure network by requiring a login before posting, so everyone can keep track of who’s saying what, and if you need to remove an abusive poster and their messages, you can easily ban users and delete their messages.

Do you need an easy way for your students to schedule times to meet with you? With our Calendly and YouCanBook.Me features you can easily give your students the ability to schedule one-on-one time with you if you have accounts with those services.

You can also keep your students engaged with our Loyalty feature. While it was created for business loyalty programs in mind, we’ve been impressed with seeing all the creative ways our users have used it in other unique ways. You can use it to encourage regular participation in your class by offering up different rewards that your students can redeem once they accrue enough points in the app.

Along with encouraging regular participation, you can use our TypeForm, JotForm, or Google Forms features to offer extra credit to your students, or provide practice tests for them to take. Do you want to encourage them to visit the local museums? Create a form to fill out with extra credit as an incentive!


Are There Any Other Ways That I Can Communicate With My Students?

Another great way to connect with your students is through Push Notifications. With our system you have complete control over your notifications. You can send out scheduled notifications, create notification groups that deal with specific topics that users can subscribe to, as well as set up automatic notifications. We also have the GeoFence feature that allows you to send out locations-based notifications. Have interesting historical facts about places around town? You can set up a notification to trigger whenever someone gets within a certain distance of that location which can help enhance the knowledge that they’ve already gained in your classroom.

If it seems like they’re always on their phones, instead of try to fight it, why not work with it? It might seem counterintuitive to some educators to create an app for the classroom, but we hope you’re now convinced of how it might work!

These are just a small handful of features that you can use in your app to help expand communication and participation with your students. We have many more features in our system, and we encourage you to check out all of the amazing features that we offer so that you can make the best app for your class!

Have additional questions? We’re here to help. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.



Case Study – Cannabis eCommerce

Case Study – Cannabis eCommerce

“In a critical time of a pandemic, we needed to safely manage car side pick up for clients. Tequity has been instrumental in making sure our tech complies with our strict regulations.”

 Great Lakes Holistics of Battle Creek MI

Industry: Cannabis eCommerce Pickup/Delivery

Launch: February 26th, 2020

The Problem: Need people to order products online and through app to place an order for pickup with cash only. Wants to promote competitive pricing and great deals consistently as marijuana goes recreational & industry gets crowded. App needs to have geolocation to know when customer is outside parked in their car since they cannot come inside.


The data represents first week during launch, blue is average downloads and the green is the clients results in the first 7 days of launching.

An ecommerce business app with zero advertisement or formal marketing promotion can gain a monthly average of 300 site visitors, which is considered low. According to A1 Marketing Stats, good traffic for any app is 1,000 downloads a month. Since launching February 26th, 2020 with zero advertisement or formal marketing, Great Lakes Holistics has exceed the average download for ecommerce businesses and is estimated to reach 45,000 downloads by year end.

How does the mobile app create revenue opportunities?

Great Lakes Holistics has a unique business model complimented with consistent traffic exceeding industry norms. The mobile app is a platform that can offer high value targeted ad placements for purchase to businesses that offer supplemental products or services. Offering ad placements on the app and leveraging the traffic analytics would be a passive revenue for the business bringing in a potential $10,000 monthly in additon to sales. Great Lakes Holistics will utilize push marketing to attract sales through daily offers and delivery & car side pick up service.



Founder Feature – Lindsey

Founder Feature – Lindsey

“Part of the reason why I chose Tequity is because I didn’t have $25,000 to invest in someone building a custom app for me. I’m very much a do it on your own type of person. There’s so much room for growth within Tequity that you actually don’t need to go custom anymore because Tequity Apps is such a strong platform.” 

Lindsey Eryn Clark | Founder of PepTalks

Lindsey Eryn Clark is a self-proclaimed “Jill of all trades.” She owns a branding studio called Third Story Apartment and hosts a podcast called “The Daring Romantics.” The podcast is a unique spin on traditional entrepreneurship content. Rather than focusing on the “how to” aspects of being an entrepreneur, these weekly shows talk about the heart and soul of entrepreneurship. Lindsey teaches her audience how to keep their heads up when things aren’t going as planned while maintaining leadership, honor, and integrity. Graduating college in 2009—one year after the financial crisis—Lindsey struggled to find a job. After a few years of nannying and working for a nonprofit, she eventually got her real estate license, but quickly realized this wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life.

Ultimately, Lindsey decided to start her own business. But like most entrepreneurs, she experienced her fair share of hurdles early on. “I remember calling my dad and bawling my eyes out because I didn’t know what to do,” Lindsey says. Her father gave the advice she needed, but his closing statement was a powerful message. “If you want to do great things, if you want to make money, if you want to make changes in the world, you’re going to have to pep talk yourself because Dad won’t always be able to take your call and pep talk you when you need it.”

“At the end of the day, I chose to build an app because I felt like it was sustainable. Not just for me, but also for my audience,” Lindsey says.

The app was the only way to solve all of the problems associated with her current content distribution method. Not only would she be able to monetize her subscribers, but the app would also drastically improve the user experience.

Lindsey explains, “People could have a pep talk whenever they need it. They could have something in their pocket, login, and read some encouraging words.”

The app would also give users the ability to control the frequency of those messages. “They could sign up for as many affirmations as they wanted to come to their phones. I just felt like having an app was going to be such a better route for me and my community.”

Before finding Tequity, Lindsey attempted to create her app elsewhere with a cookie-cutter app builder—but it did not go as planned. “I realized that this was not a good platform. There were just so many limitations and things I couldn’t do.”

After doing some more research, she decided to give Tequity Apps a try.

“I signed up for the free trial, and within the first three hours I was like, ‘oh my gosh, this is amazing!’ I felt so comfortable moving within the platform and just confident that I could do what I needed.”

Lindsey decided to stick with Tequity Apps because it was so user-friendly.

Even on the DIY plan, Lindsey still had access to Tequity’s customer support team. In addition to using the tutorials and knowledge base articles, Lindsey leaned on Tequity’s team for assistance.

Lindsey has taken full advantage of the features available for the app. She explains that her favorite feature is push notifications. “I think that’s why people are attracted to the app,” she says.

The PepTalks app allows users to pick and choose what types of notifications they want to receive. There are five different categories of affirmations, and three notifications within each category, for a total of 15 notifications per day. Users can sign up for as many or as little as they want.

Moving forward, the PepTalks mobile app is providing Lindsey with limitless aspirations.

“Ultimately, I just want to see the app continuing to inspire people.” Lindsey says that the app reaches people from all walks of life. From battling cancer to infertility or having trouble finding a job, PepTalks has given people across the world the inspiration they need to believe in themselves.

In addition to helping others, the app has been highly beneficial to Lindsey and her future endeavors. “As an entrepreneur, it’s paving the way for more opportunities, paving the way for a wider reach and a wider audience,” she explains.

Lindsey’s ultimate goal has always been to publish a book. She believes that by having such a wide audience and global reach with her app, publishers will be more likely to give her a book deal.

A link to Lindsey’s podcast can be found within the app as well. Overall, she’s been leveraging the app as a tool to scale her reach on multiple channels.

Lindsey is just barely scratching the surface with what she plans to do with her app. “There’s so much room for growth within it. I have so many ideas and notes written down to add this and add that,” she explains.

“I would definitely recommend Tequity to somebody who has an idea out there but doesn’t have the budget for it yet or doesn’t know how an audience or their community is going to react. It’s just an easy way to get your feet wet.”



Case Study – Fitness Program

Case Study – Fitness Program

“I really like that we don’t have to worry about updating anything when Apple or Google Play does a new release. It’s just nice being able to outsource this for a very reasonable price. Creating an app with Tequity Apps is something that a small business can absolutely attain.”

Chris Wallace | Founder of Fastercise
Build your own fitness app

While Chris knew he needed a mobile app, he didn’t have any experience in coding or creating one. Chris didn’t have the resources for custom development, so he sought an alternative solution.

Chris used DIY platforms in the past for things like web building and design, so he wanted to use that same approach to build the Fastercise app. “I’m so glad that there are companies like Tequity because this is not my specialty at all,” says Chris. He described finding Tequity as “such a relief.”

Mobile access to Fastercise immediately improved the clients’ experiences. “One thing that’s really killer about the app is the videos,” says Chris. “Users can access the content from anywhere, whether it’s at work or in the kitchen, without being tied to a computer.”

Fastercise app users simply thumb through the videos on their phones, select a video, and follow the motions in the demonstration. Everything is organized by muscle groups. Chris says, “People in the program say the app is indispensable.”

He also indicates that the Fastercise app adds a level of professionalism to the company. Chris continues saying, “The app makes us seem really big. It doesn’t look like a father-daughter duo in the basement.”

The app has also made things easier for medical professionals. Fastercise is currently in nine clinics, and doctors are recommending the app to their patients for weight loss. This type of exposure would have been impossible without the Fastercise mobile app.

Chris describes the app building experience as “functional and economical.”

He continues to say, “The app worked in the beginning, it works now, and it’s pretty much everything that he hoped for. And the fact that it works on Apple and Google Play is just awesome.”

Building an app has set the precedent for limitless growth.

While the app is just a few months old, Chris has high ambitions. He is adding another ten medical clinics within a month, which will more than double their current number.

Chris says, “We’re going to get this in every hospital, every athletic center, in every school, and every company. Sooner or later, everyone is going to be using Fastercise.”

Thanks to the Fastercise mobile app, the sky is the limit for this team.

“I would recommend Tequity Apps to anyone that wants to get an app to market quickly and reliably.” — Chris.



Build a professional church app in a week

Build a professional church app in a week

Have you considered creating a church app for your congregation? Unsure as to whether it is the right solution for you? Read on as we break down the pros and cons of having an app in today’s digitally connected world.

For community-based organizations, it’s a constant challenge to build an active online community. Every day they try to keep up with social media and online groups in order to engage and nurture an active community. This is especially true if you are a church leader.

The main problem you may face is trying to keep in contact with your congregation, whether through delivering sermons or holding Bible study sessions over different online platforms. These methods might face low engagement rates due to distractions faced by your congregation such as social media updates from friends or incoming messages from friends and family.

Your best option is having a website as a digital presence. However, websites do not allow you to send push notifications alerting users of new sermons or Bible study sessions uploaded.

As today’s churchgoers become increasingly tech-savvy and digitally connected, church leaders need to find more effective ways to reach their audience.

With 87% of users spending their time on apps and only 13% on the web, is having an app the best possible way to nurture an active community of church members?

Building a church app can nurture a thriving community without drying up your account, and still engage your congregation each day of the week.

Does your church need an app?

According to Silicon Valley analyst, Andrew Chen, an app loses 77% of its users within the first three days after installation.

So does this mean having a church app won’t be of help to your cause?

Well, it depends. It depends on how building a church app will help your church members and how it will help you achieve your ministry goals.

But what I’m sure of is that churches have a unique audience that they can tap into with an app.

An audience of church members who are sincere followers and would look forward to using your app all through the week whether by watching sermons or attending Bible studies.

In addition, you would unite the church by having all church groups in one single app, directly connecting with your congregation.

How can a church app help the church stay connected with its members?

1. Private Prayer Request Submission

With Typeform integration, you can insert a form where people can ask for spiritual advice and prayer requests from your pastoral staff in your church’s app. That way, only those who have access to the form’s replies will be able to see the prayer requests.

2. Bible study groups, youth groups, and all other church groups all in one place. 

With the Social Wall feature, anyone who interacts with the wall will receive a notification whenever there’s a new activity within it. You can also use this feature for prayer requests.

When users comment, other congregants in that group will even get an automated SMARTpush notification increasing the engagement and building a sense of community and togetherness.

3. Even on the go, church members can find your sister churches via the church app.

Have small groups at your church?

You can use the Places 2.0 feature to show those small groups’ locations as well as the locations of your church’s campuses or sister churches.

This makes it super easy for any churchgoer to find out which home groups meet nearby, or visit another campus location while traveling.

4. Send push notifications notifying users of uploaded sermons.

With the TequityApp platform. you have complete control over your notifications. You can send out scheduled notifications, create notification groups that deal with specific topics that users can subscribe to, as well as set up automatic notifications.

You can also send out location-based notifications. Want to welcome visitors to your church? You can set up a notification to trigger whenever someone gets within a certain distance of your church which can send them a welcoming message, or a blurb on what your current sermon series is.

5. Video and audio sermons all in a church app with the ability to take notes.

With the ability to directly add videos, you can also add video sermons from youtube and Vimeo. Just have audio? Then you can use the Media Centre Manual which will allow you to create an archive of audio sermons in your app paired with an audio player, users will have additional control over the audio in your app.

In addition, users would be able to bookmark and add their own notes to sermons, or any other presentation that you may hold at your church.

6. Church donations and Tithe collection

Funding a church can be tough, now you can bring in a donations page for your church into the app. While creating another revenue source might not be the main reason for having one, if your church has a cafe, you can use the Loyalty and Coupon features to help encourage people to visit the cafe. While these were made for more business-centric apps in mind, there’s plenty of creative ways to use these to encourage your churchgoers.

Over to you.

With more and more people becoming tech-savvy, church leaders can create a strong connection with their audience by using an app that incorporates all sermons and church outreach needs, all in one place.



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