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10 High-impact Tips to Drive Traffic and Boost Sales

10 High-impact Tips to Drive Traffic and Boost Sales

As a visionary retailer, you understand that mobile and shopping apps are the future of eCommerce. Indeed mobile devices continue to play an increasingly important role in how shoppers prefer to engage with brands online.
You have created a beautiful Shopping App and now thinking “how do I drive more traffic and boost sales? To help you, we have put together a list of 10 high impact tips.

​Create excitement

#1 Run a Competition

Competition and free giveaways are a fun way to spread the word about your Shopping App. But remember to stay close to your brand values. Create a sense of urgency by limiting the competition in time. If the competition runs for too long, users will lose interest.

#2 Advertise

You also want to reach a potential audience shopping for products similar to yours on Google. Paid advertising , such as Google Ads lets you target your audience (location, demographics, keywords, etc.) and decide how much you want to spend.

#3 Offer free shipping

Free shipping boost cart average value. When a free shipping offers include a minimum purchase threshold, the majority of shoppers will add extra items to their carts simply to qualify for the free shipping. A study from comScore and UPS said that 52 percent of American shoppers have added items to their ecommerce shopping cart to qualify for free shipping. This option will definitely be popular with your clients and potential clients and help you generate more revenue.
From your Tequity Apps back office you can set up your free shipping offer and apply the conditions you have chosen to qualify for this offer.

#4 Incentivise first purchase

Sweeten the deal for first -time shoppers and you’ll increase the conversion rate from visitor to clients. You can choose to offer a small discount or a welcome gift. The key is to make it obvious what benefit the clients get if they decide to purchase now.

Build a community

#5 Participate in social media

Nowadays social media is a must for a shop marketing strategy. The goal is not only to get the clients to come to you but also to go where your potential clients spend a lot of their time: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc… Choose the channels carefully, they must fit your brand image. Participate authentically. Simply sharing a link is not enough. You need to be interesting, click-worthy. Use the social media channel to create a story about your business, add value to it. A story that potential shoppers would want to share. With Tequity Apps you have access to several sharing options on Social media.

#6 Use influencers and reach new audiences

Influencers have a reach over audiences you might not be able to target with your marketing campaigns. Having an influencer feature one of your products is an effective way to increase traffic to your shop. 92% of users value word-of-mouth recommendations from people they trust over any other type of advertising. Influencers have established high credibility in their industry as trend-setters, with a large following of users (typically on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube). Followers who tend to take their advice seriously – especially when it comes to their shopping experiences. Common ways to get them to speak about your brand is to send them product samples, pass along special discounts that they can distribute exclusively to their followers, or offer commission for every new person that they get to make a purchase from your shop.

#7 Target your loyal clients

Don’t underestimate the value of your existing clients. Indeed, your loyal clients add more products to their carts, have a higher conversion rate and generate more revenue each time they visit your shop. It’s more cost efficient to target your existing clients base (5X cheaper), as they already know your brand and your products. Try to offer them an incentive when they shop on your app.

With Tequity Apps Shopping App you can create personalised discounts just for them.


#8 Don’t forget SEO

Use your PWA to increase your Store and Shopping App discoverability and drive brand awareness. People will still use search engines to find the information needed. Appearing on the first page of search results could be the first time a potential client stumbles across your brand or trigger them to remember your shop.
With Tequity Apps you benefit from a PWA already optimized to be indexed on the search engines. In your back office you will also have access to additional SEO tools to drive traffic and reach a wider audience.

#9 Optimize your app stores page

You must create an effective store page. Think carefully about the title, tweak your description to make it as simple but appealing as possible. Come up with a catchy, pleasing icon. Use screenshots that convey the selling points and benefits of the app. Spend as much time as possible on all these factors because they can make the difference between downloading your shopping app and moving on to the next.

#10 Upsell and Showcase your top selling products

New potential clients may not know necessarily what they are looking for when they’re browsing your app. Especially if you offer a large catalog. By showing them what people buy most, you give these potential clients some direction. It is also the opportunity to highlight your most profitable products.

With the Similar Product feature in your Tequity Apps App, you encourage you clients to view more products that might interest them and therefore increase your cart average. You are free to choose which products you want to appear in this category.

By implementing these tips in your marketing strategies and taking advantage of the tools available in your Tequity Apps back office, you’re putting the best chances of success in your corner.



Tips for a Higher Rank for Your App

Tips for a Higher Rank for Your App

According to Statista almost 2 million apps are available in Apple App Store and a further 2,1 million apps are offered by Google Play Store, making it very likely that your app is facing a tough competition.
Therefore it’s very important to start off right by optimizing your app from the beginning and spending time defining your ASO.

ASO stands for App Store Optimization. It’s SEO for the app stores. Both processes share similarities like keyword optimization, backlinking and conversion optimization. The main differences between App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are the ranking factors. 

Following the ASO tips in this article will help you optimize the rank of your mobile apps in an app store’s search results, drive more traffic to your app’s pages on the stores and trigger the download of your app. 

Tip #1: Maximize your exposure

The higher your app ranks in search, the more people will see it. The main visibility factors are the title, description and keywords. 

  • Title: In both Google Play and the App Store, the title is the most important element. This is the foundation of any optimization! The words you put in it act like keywords, so you should be sure to have included keywords with a high search traffic level and at the same time be sure the title has a good balance between keywords and branding. It must be descriptive and clear about what the app does. Google Play set the limit at 50 characters, the Apple App Store at 30. Use them wisely.
  • Description: The App Description is not only relevant for the users, but also for the app stores algorithm. Clearly and effectively explain what the app is, what it does, and a clear overview of its features. This is especially important in the Play Store: Google find the keywords to index your app in the first two/ three sentences of the description. The short description (in Google Play) is the first text your users will see. It should promote the core features of your app using strategic keywords. 
  • Keywords: To improve your search rankings, you need to know which keywords are relevant and used most often by your target audience. Searching for the right keywords is an ongoing process. They are especially important in the Apple App Store, as they are a key factor in search rankings. Make use of all the 100 characters available in this metadata field, don’t repeat keyword and don’t use your app name or brand name (it would be a waste of space since they will be taken into account only once).              

Tip #2 : How to optimize your conversion

Your app has gained exposure and is now visible in the search. How do you convince potential users to download your app?
The main factors here are the app icon, screenshots and videos, reviews and rankings.

  • Icon: It’s the first impression your app makes on your potential users. The design has to be very sleek and simple and it must be representative of your logo or brand. Stick to image and avoid text unless absolutely necessary. With so many different choices available to users, a unique icon gives you the opportunity to catch potential users eyes. 
  • Screenshots and videos: Have you ever bought something you have never seen? Humans are visual creatures, they like to see what the app they are going to download looks like .The first two/ three screenshots are the most important. Use this to your advantage and upload the screenshots of the most beautiful details of your app. Let them tell the visual story of your app. People love videos! They are more interactive and more attractive then a wall of    words. Take this opportunity to create a video showcase of your app and choose the most beautiful elements and features, things that will make the audience think: “I have to have this app!” Beware of the Stores specifics: i n the App Store, the video auto plays in mute while in Google Play it will open in a YouTube external link.
  • Reviews and ratings: The ratings and the reviews of the app are important factors, not only for ASO but also from a conversion perspective: on average 59 % of people usually or always check ratings before downloading a new app. The total app downloads certainly affects ASO. The better your rating, the more relevant your app is considered by the stores and the higher it ranks.  It is recommended to answer those reviews. Indeed, not only can the reviews help you work out what needs to be fixed faster but by replying correctly to them it will help you connect with your users and improve your ratings. A few tips to help you answer effectively to your reviews: reply in a timely manner and use their name, always answer the ones mentioning a bug, crash or fix and tell them which action you have taken, don’t forget to acknowledge the good reviews too and finally never argue! 😉
App Store Optimization - Tips for a Higher Rank for Your App

Tip #3 : Stay up to date

  • Update your app regularly: keep your app fresh and edgy by updating it every 3 to 4 months. Not only it will help in solving any bugs, implement software update or new features but also it will keep your users engaged. Apps which are a constant work in progress always score more highly in the rankings of app stores.
  • As it is good practice to update your app regularly, it is as important to update the metadata (this field can only be modified when you submit a new version of your app to Stores). Both Stores give you access to statistics from which you can deduce if your  texts, keywords and screenshots are effective. By analysing the dashboards and custom reports available on your Google Play console and App Store connect, you can get an idea of your app performance. You will be able to see for example the impact of changing the subtitle or refreshing your icon has on your downloads or ratings and help you narrowing it down to the best listings possible.
  1. Update keywords : take the opportunity of the update to review your keywords. As we said previously, searching for keywords is an ongoing process. The words of user reviews are indexed by the app stores search engines. Research your competition, analyze their reviews. You may find new keywords you didn’t think of before
  2. Another good practice is to update the screenshots to showcase new features to your users. Make the best of the “ What’s new “ field by not only listing bug fixes but also by highlighting new features and encouraging positive reviews.  

With an increasing choice of apps available on the Stores, it is crucial to make ASO a vital part of your marketing strategy. 
Following the tips in this article and spending some time and effort on improving your app ASO will enable you to reap the benefits in the long run, and keep those organic downloads coming in.

How to Increase Your App Downloads

How to Increase Your App Downloads

With your app published on the Store (App Store and the Play Store), you are one step closer to your goal. However, it’s not the time to stop working. You must now focus on promoting your app to boost your audience. 

In order for your app to be successful, you need to think of all the details from the day you start creating it (or updating it).

In this article we will go over the best practices to increase your downloads.

Part 1: Promote your app on the Stores

The final decision to download or not your app is made in the Stores. This is why you need to carefully review every detail when submitting or updating it. 

Here are the main settings you need to pay attention to:

a/ Titles and texts optimization

Every text must be carefully written before sending them to the Store. They should promote your brand and showcase your best elements to convince potential users to download your app.  

  • Title: it must be unique and easily memorable to set yourself apart from the competition
  • Subtitle: it should in a few words describe the added value of your app. Don’t try to be mysterious, your users need to understand rapidly why it will benefit them to download your app.

Tip: Promotional text! On the App Store, it is recommended to make full use of the section 170 characters. Indeed the promotional text can be modified without having to submit a new version to the Store. Also this text won’t be truncated in the preview of your app page.


How to boost your app downloads?


  • Description: best practice here is to first explain what your app does, then its benefits for the users and the features supporting it. The description acts as your app window. But don’t forget the user is on a small screen, avoid long sentences. If you have won any Awards or prizes, it’s the place to mention them. It’s in this field that you inform your users of any customizable sections. It will give them the feeling that they can have their “own” app and only receive the information relevant to them.
  • Call-to-action: Take the opportunity at then end of the description to challenge your users. If they read the description entirely they will be intrigued. This can be the little extra that convince them to download your app. For exemple: “ Are you strong enough to follow our Intense Yoga classes? Do you really know everything about your favorite team? Download our app and let’s find out!” Visuals and Videos

b/ Visuals and Videos 

  • Icon: this is the first thing users see on the App Store and Google Play. The icon is very important: users know that this will be on the Home screen once they download your app. It must be eye catching but at the same time professional and explain what your app does. You can use color gradients to enhance your icon. Avoid using text unless absolutely necessary: remember , the title is visible next to the icon on the Stores and under the icon on the Home page. It would be redundant to have the title in the icon as well.
  • Video: they will showcase your app interactively. Best practice is to add one video to tell the visual story of your app. It should highlight your most important feature and be of high quality as it is displayed first in your app page. On the App Store videos have a limit of 30 seconds, up to 2 min on Google Play. Go straight to the point: if they find no interest in the video, potential users will not watch in full. Another advantage is that even in 30 seconds you can show more than on 5 or 6 pictures.
  • Screenshots: they need to convince users to download your app. Carefully design, they will display the key features of your app. You can use it to script the user journey. The goal is to put the app in situation for a quick understanding. Each Store has specific requirements, you can find more info here: App Store / Google Play



How to boost your app downloads?


Beware: Always be honest otherwise you risk your app being rejected and more important your users will not forgive you. 

c/ ASO – Achieve a high ranking on search results. 

After text and visuals you need to now focus on your keywords. Indeed, to achieve good results you need to follow certain rules.

Google (Play Store) index the content of your title, short description and description to rank the apps in the Store. Apple (App Store) bases its ranking on your title, keyword and category but also your reviews, rating and number of downloads. The promotional text we covered earlier (see 2.a) is not taking into consideration. Keywords are crucial: avoid generic terms such as “App” or “Store”, make full use of the 100 characters available. Use keywords matching your activity and separated by commas.

Example: ”Liverpoolfc,soccer,football,supporter,anfield,kopites”. Words such as “football” and “supporters” are very popular and highly competitive. It is best to alternate between popular words and more specific words (in this case “anfield” and “kopites”). 

The category also has an important impact on your ranking. Apple allows you to choose a main and a secondary category. It is essential to select the appropriate category or categories in order to appear in the relevant search results.

– App Store categories

– Google Play categories

In doubt, research your competition and find out how they rank. Then it’s for you to decide if you want to be in the same category or set yourself apart from the competition. 

Note: On the App Store certain apps are highlighted by Apple teams. These are apps that have a singular story with something striking behind their launch. It can be an app that “disrupts” a market or provides an unprecedented solution to an existing problem. There is never a paid placement. The selection criteria are unique to the Apple team. If you want to apply, follow this link: https://developer.apple.com/app-store/discoverability/

d/ Reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings have a major impact on your performance (59% of users look at the reviews before downloading an app).  Not only do they encourage users who don’t know you but they are also an important factor in your ranking on the search results (see 2.c). Best practice is to encourage users to post reviews. The easiest way to do it is to display a pop up allowing users to rate the app and add an optional comment. 


How to boost your app downloads?


If you are using Tequity Apps this can be easily set up. We recommend nor to display this pop up straight away at the beginning (wait for a few days or a few downloads) and neither at each login. Don’t pressure your users, they need to feel free to review your app otherwise they will go somewhere else. 

Anyhow, the first days following the initial publication are crucial. You will find out if users enjoy your app or if they discover errors that you overlooked. 

It is essential to reply to all comments, good or bad. Indeed, if you only reply to bad comments, users leaving good comments might feel ignored. Avoid copy/paste answers. It instantly gives a bad image. If users take the time to write reviews you should take time to reply. It will show that you care about them. 

How do you reply to a negative review?


How to boost your app downloads?
  • Answer promptly: You don’t want to give the time to other users to get into the conversation. The more you wait the harder it will be.
  • Stay neutral: Don’t make the situation worse or get carried away by your emotions.
  • Acknowledge the criticism: Don’t try to find excuses. On contrary recognize the value of your user feedback. For exemple” You make a great point, we will take in consideration your suggestion”
  • Apologize only when necessary: The goal is not to apologize but to solve the issue.
  • ALWAYS offer a solution: Be honest. Reply to the user comments directly or by offering an alternative. If necessary contact them by private message and make mention of it on the comment.
  • Leave the door open for discussion: Provide an email address so the user can contact you.

Your users will read the review and comments and see that their feedback is important to you and that you listen and provide solutions.


How to boost your app downloads?


How to boost your app downloads?



How to boost your app downloads?



e/ A/B testing – Identify the best performing texts, photos and keywords

Google allows for A/B store listing experiments. You can start tests on the order of the screenshots, different icon designs or descriptions. The goal is to obtain significant results to allow to optimize your app page. Best is to test for at least 7 days. 

That are no such feature on the App Store. Instead you can use the Promotional text which can be changed without having to submit a new version of your app (see 2.a). You have to be rigorous in the experiment because you have to draw yourself  the results generated by each iteration of text that you have written.


f/ Invest in advertising in the Stores.

If you have decided to invest part of your budget in advertising, you must consider buying ads in the Stores. Each platform has its own advertising system. With iOS, ads appear depending on the metadata (see 2.5) in the search pages. 2 programs are available: Basic (up tp $10,000/ month) and Advanced. Even if you buy advertising, you have to configure your selection criteria because the more relevant you are, the more you will appear in the results. And you have to keep in mind that Apple usually only shows one ad. Hence the importance of being efficient.

How to boost your app downloads?

 With Android, you can distribute your ads on Google entire advertising network. Meaning your ads will appear in and outside the Store. Everything is automatic (creation, bids, channel…). Everything is done to optimize the visits according to your budget, your geographical settings and your preferences. Your ads may appear in the search engine (Google Search), in the Play Store, on YouTube, in the Display Network (Gmail + partner sites) and in AdMob. You can choose to optimize your campaign to generate more downloads or a specific action in the app or a ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend). Once everything is ready, all you need to do is estimate your budget correctly to maximize your acquisitions.  


g/ Analyze your statistics to improve your performance.

Both Apple and Google provide tools to measure the performance of your app. It’s fastidious but essential to thoroughly analyse your statistics. The 3 main factors to follow in order to have a good vision of the performance are: impressions, acquisitions and deletions. 

Impressions measure the number of times your app appeared in the search results.

Acquisition is the number of downloads and deletions are of course the number of time users deleted your app.  

At the beginning you mainly need to keep an eye on the acquisition sources and the results of your A/B testing. They will give you indications on the strategy to adopt to improve your impressions and limit the deletions. The goal is to have a critical base of users in order to draw conclusions allowing you to improve your performance continuously. 

Whether with Google or Apple you have access to a very detailed statistical panel for analysis.

How to boost your app downloads?


Which factors impact your performance?

  • Impressions: Keywords / Category / Reviews and ratings
  • Acquisition: Visuals (Video – Screenshots – Icon) – A/B testing . Title & Subtitle – Description
  • Deletions: Improvement of content / App speed – Analysis of statistics – favor acquisition sources which bring more loyal users.

​It is essential to follow your results with rigor. And most importantly, keep an updated dashboard with edited settings and dates. There is no secret here. You need to run your tests depending on your target and the specificity of your app. So you can draw conclusions on the long-term and know what brings you users or not.

If you are using Tequity Apps, you will have access to a dashboard gathering all the information in one place.


How to boost your app downloads?



Part 2: Promote your app outside the Stores


Once you have optimized your app on the Stores, you can now use your own expertise and Marketing experience to promote it outside the Stores. Here’s a few tips:

a/ Manage your community:

At the time you’re launching your app you may already have an existing activity and therefore an existing community, This is an incredible advantage. This community can help you generate positive reviews which will boost your visibility in the Stores (see 1.c). This will also help you convince other potential users to join your community.

You need to be honest with your community and show that your care about their opinion and that you listen to their feedback. Whether on the Stores , as explained previously (see 10.d) but also outside the Stores.

You can create common interest groups on social media, forums. Your app must be the focal point of your fans. If they feel valued and involved in the evolution of your app they will become your best ambassadors.

b/ Take full advantage of social media

Social media are an incredible platform to promote your app. You have free (or almost free) access to a very large audience. The way you will communicate on social media requires proper preparation and planning. You must first select which media is used by your target audience. No need to waste time posting on platforms not targeting your user base.



  • Facebook facilitates a lot interactions. You can easily share any type of content and interact with other groups or persons
  • Instagram and Snapchat rely more on the visual and aesthetic. It’s the perfect platform to show demo videos of your app for exemple. The target is mainly between 15 and 30 years old.
  • Twitter facilitates instant communication. It allows you to reach a large audience rapidly.
  • For professional apps, it is recommended to use LinkedIn. Users of this platform are mainly looking to network and find answers relevant to their business/ jobs.

Your marketing strategy on social media should be based around 2 different areas: a Brand strategy and an operational strategy. Branding is built on the long term. Here, there is no need to measure the goal is to share your message and communicate on your Brand identity and values.

However the operational side should be measured. Here you communicate on punctual subjects such as offers, updates, unexpected issues, practical content. In summary, all the concerns the daily activities of your community. With this type of communication you need to be very reactive with your replies and follow up. The advantage here is to communicate rapidly with a vast audience, but the drawback is that negative reviews or comments appear quickly as well.

Finally we recommend to add links to your social media on your app and vice versa. This will strengthen your community and facilitate interactions between you and your users.

With Tequity Apps, you have access to numerous sharing options on social media.


How to boost your app downloads?


c/ Share Videos

Platforms for videos are very useful to promote your app. Not only the video format allows you to share your message in a ludic and interactive way but you can also share a lot of ideas in a short time. Usually these platforms bring audience as their users are looking to learn new skills or watch content matching their interests.

The goals of the videos is to show live mode how to how to use your app. You can for example share on YouTube, Vimeo etc.. the video you created for your app page on the Stores.

Don’t forget to showcase your logo and links towards the Stores (Apple and Google) to download your app. It will then be easier for your users to download the app.


d/ Create and share Badges

When your app is published on the Stores you have the possibility to create and use sharing buttons to download your app. Creating and publishing an app is not an easy task, so you should be proud of yourself and take advantage of these famous Badges App Store and Play Store.

If you are using an app builder such as Tequity Apps, it is even possible to create custom widgets with both buttons (Google and Apple) integrated.

How to boost your app downloads?


Where to share these buttons?

  • Website: your website is your showcase. But as 70% of internet usage is now on mobile, much of your web traffic is via mobile. You must put these buttons in a good position on your site, to encourage visitors to download your app.
  • Emails: e-mails remain one of the most popular tools on a daily basis. Adding the Stores buttons on your signature will allow you to generate users. Nowadays, most e-mails are read on Mobile so the opportunity to generate downloads is real.

Apple also offers to add a Smart Banner App to your website. A simple banner appears at the top of your screen offering to download the app on the store.

How to boost your app downloads?


f/ Don’t forget “Offline”

Nowadays, Internet users and mobile users are overwhelmed with information and advertising. You must continually find strategies to differentiate yourself from your competition and grab your audience’s attention.

In some cases, you should think outside the box and use “off-line” communication strategies. This can be seen as a step back but for sure you will set yourself apart. Be careful, these strategies must be thought through and scripted as in the online. And of course, this is part of your communication. As a technology product, an app can not base its promotion strategy solely on offline.


  • Shops: QR codes on your counters, flyers, mugs/incentives to reward users who download your app.
How to boost your app downloads?


  • Magazines: T-shirts, hoodies, keychains when users take participate to events, goodies to send certain users during competitions
  • Tourist guide: signs in train stations and airports / QR codes on taxi headrests


g/ Think Web

Remember that even if native apps make the most of your mobile in everyday life, the mobile web (via browsers) is growing. And so, responsive websites and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) will become more and more important in capturing the mobile audience. The advantage of the web is that its content is indexed by search engines. So, if you don’t have a website it is worth thinking about creating a PWA that will allow you both to have a presence on the mobile web and on the desktop.

h/ Create a Blog

To show your expertise in a field what’s more effective than writing a blog? As we’ve seen above, you must position yourself as an expert in your field of activity. You know your customers, your domain, you have researched it.

A blog allows you to gain an audience because its content is indexed by search engines. And it also helps to establish your credibility with your users. They will really feel like they’re receiving quality information from you on a given subject. And so, the reputation of your app will grow along with yours.


i/ Create Partnerships

As we saw earlier, your satisfied users are your best ambassadors. Nevertheless, to promote your app you can also appeal to influencers or bloggers. It is very easy to find bloggers specialized in your sector of activity.

Try to find the most influential, with the most fans, and of course that match the branding you want to spread. Then you can either interest them with your app or negotiate a paying partnership. There is no rule, it really depends on the sectors and geographical areas.

Tip: You can try to find bloggers who have written on competing apps. That means that the subject interests them and that they may be more inclined to post about your app too.


j/ Publish in the Press

Having an article or advertisement in the national press is very complicated or very expensive. However, you can more easily obtain an article in your local newspaper or in a specialized journal / magazine. In general, this kind of publication is constantly in search of new innovative subjects. They do not have an army of journalists with many means as in the big newspapers. So you can take advantage of your expertise to show that it would be interesting to talk about your project. In addition, this might fit your audience better.

For the “This is Anfield” app, it may be very easy to have an article in the magazine distributed to spectators as they enter the stadium. On the other hand, if they want to get an article in a major national sports daily, it will be more difficult.

To give you a better chance of being published, consider writing up-to-date press releases. This will greatly facilitate the journalist’s work and make him more willing to write about you.


h/ Competition / Awards

Participate in all types of competitions. If you are at the beginning of your launch, the goal is to make yourself known. Contests can help you meet partners, get press articles. In addition, if you win a prize or are part of a ranking, take advantage of it and display it on all your media, and remember to update the description of your app in the Stores (see 1.a). There are lots of different Apps contests for you to find the ones that will bring you the most visibility.

Here are some examples:

– https://www.ukappawards.co.uk/
– https://apppromotionsummit.com/app-growth-awards/
– https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2019/06/apple-design-awards-celebrate-best-in-class-design-for-apps-and-games/
– https://bestmobileappawards.com/


The apps industry is highly competitive. Even if you’ve created a good app and you are satisfied with the result, success is not assured. You must constantly monitor your results, update your app and stay in touch with your community.

With a platform like Tequity Apps, you do not have to worry about the technical part. We give you all the tools to make a great app without any coding knowledge. You now have, in addition to the platform, key tips to increase your audience and spread your message widely.

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