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Health & Wellness Business

Engage your health & fitness clients and gym members anytime!

Connect Every Day Of The Week

Virtual Fitness Program

Manage person training clients with a private portal and provide tools for them to track their progress.


Keep coaching and encouraging users with check-in notifications to take consistent action with your app.

Events & Registration

Get users to signup for group fitness, challenges and bootcamps at the click of the button.

All The Features You Need To Get Clients Fit & Healthy

Client Portal

Give clients a personalized experience.

Interval Clock

Set the durations for your working and resting intervals and set the number of rounds


Searchable directory of coaches and trainers.

Video Content

Integrate with YouTube or Vimeo to automatically bring in all your videos.

Action Cards

Users can swipe smoothly from card to card


Book virtual coaching sessions one-on-one.

Maximize Engagement With Push Notifications

Push Notifications are one of the most powerful tools to connect with your wellness fans throughout the week. Deliver daily messages to inspire growth and accountability as well as keep people up to date with your latest content.

Zero Upfront Cost. Simple Pricing.

No commitment. No hidden cost. 

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"The professionals at Tequity are just that, they coordinate with one another to give you the experience and product you actually want. Tequity outlines the entire process for you and periodically request your approval. I am confident in the ability and professionalism of the Tequity team."

Jim Walker

Wagmans App

"The platform is very simple to use and has a lot of useful features. They have a very friendly support team and they always give a quick feed back. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone I know."

Twanita Dozier

The Boss Experience App

"Sydney at Tequity has helped us put together a much better app than we could have built, in a very reasonable amount of time. They may not have a phone number to contact with questions, but their responses to my inquiries are always prompt. I feel that they are reasonably priced as well."

Chris Evans

Source Code App

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