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Plugin Tutorials

Get step-by-step instructions on how to utilize our various Marketplace Features.

Platform Tutorials

Get step-by-step instructions on how to utilize our platform’s core features.


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Mobile App Graphic Size Guide

Download our free guide to make sure you have the correct size requirements for your app icon, app splash screens, backgrounds and more.

Canva Templates

Need a head start? Here are some design templates for you to begin with to style your app screens.

Digital Asset Library

Need stock images, icons, graphics, illustrations, buttons and more to make your app look extremely pro? We have a growing library just for you.

Take A Tour

A brief overview with Tequity Founder, Sydney.

What’s New

Bible Plugin

We are currently working on a plugin that will allow users to read and easily navigate the entire bible.

We’re Launching

Monday April 20th, we opened our doors to beta test licenses for mobile apps. If you’re one of the few, leave us feedback.

5 Day Challenge

Need accountability to learn the platform and build your app during your free trial. Take the free challenge to get it done!!

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