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Engage Your Students With a Mobile App

Your students are mobile, are you?

The Only App Your Students Need To Thrive

Engaging Student Experience

If you’re looking for the ultimate tool to reach students and parents, you’ve come to the right place.

Consolidate Information

Make it easy for everyone to have access to important information all in one place.

Real Time Communication

Our powerful push notification features allow you to be heard and lets you target just the right people.

Meet Saul, Your App Consultant

Saul has directed and managed business and stakeholder development for startup companies in the health information technology, e-learning, solar energy, and data analytics space. For over 20 years Saul has been a director to high schools and colleges managing operations, curriculum, student engagement and retention. With a significant track record for growth & retention he provides the same success leading Tequity Partnerships through fostering quality & strategic opportunities with businesses and startup founders.

Create a Mobile First Experience For Your Students


Easily create surveys or questionnaires in the app to gather important insights.

Staff Directory

Include a directory of all your staff as well as contract information for them.

Build Community

Create a meaningful connections with our social platform.

Event Schedules

Everything on the agenda in an easy to access location.

Media and Content

Make all of your content available through the app. Include videos, audio, blogs or articles.

Important Documents

Include any PDF documents you would like everyone to have access to on demand.

Send Highly Targeted Push Notifications

Send push notifications to users based off of groups or tags. Looking to send an important message out to just faculty members, or need to get an important message to go out to the entire school, the power is in your hands.

Zero Upfront Cost. Simple Pricing.

No commitment. No hidden cost. 

We're The Best Choice

We’ve built 100+ apps for business owners and startup founders.

"The professionals at Tequity are just that, they coordinate with one another to give you the experience and product you actually want. Tequity outlines the entire process for you and periodically request your approval. I am confident in the ability and professionalism of the Tequity team."

Jim Walker

Wagmans App

"The platform is very simple to use and has a lot of useful features. They have a very friendly support team and they always give a quick feed back. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone I know."

Twanita Dozier

The Boss Experience App

"Sydney at Tequity has helped us put together a much better app than we could have built, in a very reasonable amount of time. They may not have a phone number to contact with questions, but their responses to my inquiries are always prompt. I feel that they are reasonably priced as well."

Chris Evans

Source Code App

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